owl in winter

owl in winter

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New York Mega-Agent Donald Maass posted a blog on Writer Unboxed about an hour ago as I write this called "The Irresistible Novel." I invite you to read it and be inspired by it. You can find it here, on my blog page. You can also find Donald Maass at www.maassagency.com.

I met Donald Maass several years ago at the Pike's Peak Writers Conference. I was truly surprised by the man I met and I realize now that I was so completely awed by all the agents who attended that I had a vision of a much larger man, taller, broader, something. So, there he was, a slight man, not a lot taller than I am and I am not a tall woman but, oh, the energy! The light in his eyes! And the knowledge he has. I attended several of his lectures and every one of them was meaty and informative and just downright fun.

"The Irresistible Novel" tells me that I am just as entitled as anyone else to greatness and so are you. I can write better, not just better but gloriously. So can you.

So, go pour that cup of coffee and settle in, put your feet up and drink from the wealth of Donald Maass's cup. Enjoy!

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