owl in winter

owl in winter

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Quieter Life

I saw this photo the other day and I found myself staring, not at it, but into it. I couldn't help but think, I could live this way, just this way, so simple, so quiet. The thought of pulling my boots on, wrapping up in a Macintosh, carrying my bag to the market, padding quietly over cobblestone streets, the ding of the bell on the market door, the pleasant, welcoming faces within. "Oh, are you back so soon? I have something I've held back just for you," the proprietor/proprietress would exclaim, as he/she drops the present customer's items in his bag.

Wandering around the fresh produce, I choose maybe some brussel sprouts or a long necked squash, some walnuts, a couple of pears, and then onto the meat counter, where I would select a chicken breast or a nice piece of fresh fish. A bottle of pinot grigio in my bag and I approach the counter, where the owner slips a beautiful piece of cheese into my bag and winks at me.

We have a good community feeling here in my daydream. I wave at the owner of the market and the door bell dings as I walk out. Maybe as I walk back home to my cottage, I'll take the long way and spend a few minutes gazing at the sunset lying gently over the ocean.

Wal-Mart does not exist here. No bright lights, no running, screaming children, and no screaming parents either. No stop lights, no traffic crush, no urgency to carry out unfulfilling obligations. In fact, what this place has to offer is peace, calm, and a gentle comfort.

What about you? Has a photograph ever inspired you to think, I could live here?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Cometh, Again

I was standing in the grocery store aisle this morning, waiting, grocery items gathered in my arms, and as I stood there, I began scanning the glossy magazines lining the checkout line.

The screaming headlines seemed to lead me to believe we are in some sort of personel jam here, at the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013. It seems imperative that we follow: "50 Ways to Organize your Closet," "How to Get the Most Out of the Smallest Space," "Organize Your Life in 2013 - Here are Tips!"

Oh, that's great.

My closets are overflowing, I have no space to speak of, and my life, such as it is, continues on along its turbulent stream of blue-green chaos. And it all seems to work, as best it can anyway, and I, me personally, continue on from challenge to challenge and so far as I know anyway, I'm doing okay without all this streamlined organization stuff.

I'm not changing anything. I don't care if it is January, the month of re-organization and new resolves and changing one's ways.

The only thing I will resolve to is to be a better human being, and a harder working writer. Other than that, I'll just let my socks drape out of their drawer, and I won't worry too much about that.