owl in winter

owl in winter

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fiction Writing

Someone, another writer friend, once told me that fiction writing is largely autobiographical. Although I realized that we based a lot of our character formations on things that happened to us, that affected us in one way  or another, it didn't occur to me that fiction writing is autobiographical. Now my friend is writing about himself as fiction and I see that's his perspective because his fiction work is largely autobiographical.

But. You know how I like to think about things and examine them and turn them over and over looking for clues on how it could  be.

J.K. Rowling came to mind at once. Are her characters simply extensions of herself, her personal view on the world,or is it just a fantasy she made up? What about other authors such as John Steinbeck, what about Jenny Cruisie, how about Deborah Harkness? Hmmm....so I'm turning the stones over and over again, following this line, peering atthat jagged blotch, and I'm realizing that some of my work is fraught with my own thoughts, foibles and views of the world.

Hunh. I suppose my friend would be right, if you know your ying and yang, if you are in touch with the light and the dark side of your personality, if you truly understand youself, then I think he may be right.

What are your thoughts on fiction writing? Do you believe your writing is an extension of yourself?

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