owl in winter

owl in winter

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Pocket Muse

Hey, look you guys. Here is the neatest little book for writers - "The Pocket Muse" by Monica Wood. I picked this up yesterday thinking it would be a good door prize for the Springfield Writers' Guild and, after reading a few pages, I ended up pocketing it myself. Not to say I won't give it away later, but for now, I'm soaking it up.

This little book is full of prompts, ideas, advice and inspiration. "The Pocket Muse" gives you something to think about, a whole new perspective on looking at your work, what you are doing, what you need to do, what you should be doing, and how to go about it. It's not preachy, oh no, it's a clever combination of prompts, ideas, and quotes from authors who are a bit farther down the road than I am.

I especially love the last page, the quote: "Don't forget to be gratetful that you love words."

You know, all of us want to create a legacy, and that's what Alice Hoffman says on the next to last page. We may not want to admit this, but it's what we do want, some way for other writers and readers to remember us down through the ages. As Alice says, it's not about reviews or copies sold, and if you write it and write it well, it will last and you will leave something worth remembering.

Isn't that great?

Aren't you grateful you love words?

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