owl in winter

owl in winter

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Magic of Words

It's amazing to me sometimes, how I will be thinking of a particular topic and I will go online to other writers' websites (one in particular, dear Barb), and I will read my exact thoughts!

I have characters walking around in my brain and have had for several years, not all connected to the same story, but they're all having a cocktail party in my brain at the same time. I only hope they all like one another. I have images burning, I hear songs playing but not all of it is cohesive to one story. There are always more stories, more exploration to take place.

It's a demanding job, being a writer, seriously, it is. It's not about blithely weaving about with a crown of flowers on your head, wearing white guaze, dancing in a flowered meadow to Bob Dylan. Wouldn't that be nice? No. It's work. It's psychology and it's history and it's layers and layers and layers of being human and loving and losing and being debased to the lowest level and being the phoenix rising from the ashes, and becoming stronger only to be combatted against again and over. It's failure and redemption and finding love or some other positive trait, after having lost so much.

I am working on but having serious trouble, with JANO, the January sister of NaNoWriMo. I feel as if I am spinning out of control and this story line or that will dictate what I write next and I can't tell what it will be.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about it, just let it be (Beatles)...maybe that would be best. What about you?

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  1. Great post--I'm buzzing through blogs this month so I can devote my time to JANO. I agree with all you said. Have one addition to make--it drains the grey-matter to wrestle those onery characters into doing what you ask of them! I have a couple of characters that keep running off in a completely different direction than I intended. :-) Oh, well, it keeps the word coming, doesn't it?