owl in winter

owl in winter

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Passing It On

Thursdays are pear sandwich for lunch day in my life, at my favorite deli and pasta house, Nearly Famous, here in Springfield, MO. Today, being Thursday, I ventured over to my spot d'amour, settled in at the bar (no seats in the house, of course, standing room only), and proceeded to revel in my lunch.

As I left the restaurant, one happy camper, I noticed a book lying on a ledge in the entrance way to the restaurant and at first, I thought, well, someone's left their book here by accident, how sad. However, at closer inspection I found a tag on the book, an intriguing, mysterious, inviting tag. The book had been left there on purpose today, just minutes before I exited the building. The note told the finder to go online and let the "leaver" know that the book had been rescued, read the book, leave it elsewhere for someone else to find. What fun!!! Sort of like a treasure hunt, yes?

Pick Me Up, the note says. Report me to http://www.bookcrossing.com/.

I open up the front flap, ever so carefully, reverently even, and I find some sort of registration card taped to the inside cover. How interesting. As the rescuer of the book, I am to read and then release it back into the wild for someone else to find and enjoy.

I'm sold. It's an easy reading murder mystery, a nice light summer read I think.

Pick Me Up. Okay, I will. And I will let the rest of you know how it turns out. I'll be passing it on for sure.

Has this ever happened to you? Isn't it fun? So unexpected, yes? A nice diversion, yes.

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