owl in winter

owl in winter

Friday, May 20, 2011


My mother passed away this year, on February 22, 2011.

That statement, in and of itself, that my mother, the backbone of my existence, had passed away, still kicks me in the head, leaving me breathless, still on this 20th day of May, 2011.

Funny thing, something I have observed throughout the years. Even numbered years, those years are hard years for me; I don't know why, neccessarily. I lost a job in an even-numbered year; normally I make less money in even-numbered years; I get my heart broken a lot more in even-numbered years...it sounds silly, but, seriously, even-numbered years typically speaking are not stellar years for me.

Well then. 2011 should have been a good year, right? I mean, it's an odd-numbered year, right? It started out good, yes? Things, all things, should proceed according to the abundance plan of action, yes?

Uh yeah. Hunh.

Of course, yes. Well, then, my mother died, and all things changed, moving in accordance to another plan, a plan not my own, not of my making, not of my wishes. Out of my control. I didn't ask for it, wouldn't wish it, but it came anyway, that being the loss. In an odd-numbered year.

Next year, being an even-numbered year, well, it has me wondering what will befall me then. Am I borrowing trouble to wonder? I don't know...

What do you observe about your life, what do you see as patterns in your life?

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  1. Oh...Yvonne, I'm so sorry about your mom's passing. My mother passed away a year ago... I feel your pain. Please, don't think of the even or odd-numbered years... life has events, regardless. We mold our life as we go through changes and opportunities.

    (((( hugs )))))