owl in winter

owl in winter

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Comfort Lies...

It's cold and windy here today, and I feel a bit in need of some comfort food. So, I have been busy in the kitchen today.

My first project was marbled brownies, which made the entire house smell of warm chocolate and vanilla.

On to the second project, which you see pictured here. Shepherd's Pie. The complete recipe is on my blog, some pages back, October 3rd, actually. Now, traditionally, one is to use lamb to make the pie, but Springfield seems a bit short on lamb chunks and so I tend to go for ground chuck. Whole different animal, I know, but it works. Who can't resist hot mashed potatoes? Not to mention tender vegetables and seasonings encased in a meaty filling?
So, now I'm pleasantly fed and plan to lounge by the fire with a book. No further action required on my part until tomorrow...
What comfort foods do you seek out on a cold, windy day?

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