owl in winter

owl in winter

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Importance of Linking Up

Saturday, I attended our Springfield Writers' Guild meeting. I'm the secretary of the Guild by the way; shameful plug coming. We meet the 4th Saturday of each month, beginning at 11:00 am, beginning with a Mentor Hour, break for lunch at noon and then come back at 1:00pm for a speaker and business meeting. We meet at the Heritage Cafeteria in Springfield and fellow writers, published or unpublished, are invited. Let me give you the website for your perusal: www.swgsite.org. Come by! We'd love to see you!

This past Saturday, our speaker at the guild meeting was author and professor, Barri Bumgarner. I've linked her to my blog so I can follow her and you can too. She is an amazingly talented writer and speaker. Buy her books, folks. She is wonderful.

Now, here are my thoughts on the importance of linking up. Being a writer is a lonely road to travel. It is a solitary journey, being in our own heads. Most people, the non-writing ones anyway, don't want to walk around in there. In fact, they get that deer in the headlight look when you so humbly confess, "I am a writer. I write." They look at us as if we've suddenly burst out singing a Japanese opera. Should they call for help or just laugh? You know the look. "Don't quit your day job." That look.

The thing is, we are not going to get support, real support from anyone but fellow writers. So, as writers, we have to depend on one another for encouragement, for support, or for that kick in the ass when we are not as motivated as we should be. This is important. We need to link up, support each other, interact with one another. Be inspired by one another. Barri inspired me to start this blog, actually. My hope is to link up with other writers, agents, or publishers. See? She inspired me! Who's inspiring you?

It is critical to have a network. Writing groups are essential. Entering contests is a good way to elevate your confidence as a writer, whether you win or not. Just allowing yourself to step out there and turn your work over to other people for their review brings about credibility as a writer. Blog with other writers. Visit websites, leave a comment.

Think about that. Until next time...write with all your heart. Don't hold back. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do. Join a group. Reach out to other writers. Submit to a contest. Know that your words to the world are important. If you don't tell your story, it won't get told and we're all waiting to hear it.

Most important, don't give up.


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